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Filter the Event Organiser plugin to use your WordPress General Settings timezone

November 5 calendar icon

This past week I worked with one of my clients to configure the Event Organiser plugin and the Event Organiser ICAL Sync extension to synchronize with their iCloud calendar feed, allowing them to update their website’s calendar and events from an iCloud public calendar. I’ll explain the full details of how to do that in […]

How to add a Soliloquy slider to a Genesis page template file

Metro theme with Soliloquy slider featured image

I’ve been asked by several people lately how I added the Soliloquy slider to the Metro theme home page on one of my demo sites, So in anticipation of more inquiries I decided to write this tutorial explaining how I added the slider to that home page, which you can see in the screenshot […]

How to add a mobile responsive menu to your Genesis WordPress website

Mobile responsive menu link button

This tutorial explains how to add a Footer Anchor mobile menu to a Genesis or StudioPress WordPress website. The beauty of the Footer Anchor technique is in its simplicity – it just works, and there is no JavaScript involved. The code I’ve provided below is Genesis-specific, but you could adapt it to any WordPress website. […]

Embed Gists on your WordPress blog without a plugin

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When I first started writing tutorial blog posts that involved posting code snippets I would add the code directly into the posts and use the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin to render it readable on the front end. This sometimes worked, and sometimes didn’t. Eventually I started using Gists on GitHub as public repositories for my code […]