Managed Hosting Details

Server Details

Managed Dedicated Server owned by Black Hills Web Works and managed by the experts at Rochen
Server monitored 24/7/365 by Rochen
Proactive Server Software Updates by Rochen
Only Black Hills Web Works websites on this server

Black Hills Web Works has contracted with Rochen Performance Hosting to lease a Managed Dedicated Server (MDS) provided and managed by Rochen, at their data center location in Dallas, TX.

Rochen has been my host of choice since starting Black Hills Web Works in early 2009, and their products, services, response times, transparency, and more have been exemplary. If you’d like to know more details about Rochen I recommend the following resources on their website:

Managed Dedicated Server Configuration

CPU1Intel Xeon E3-1230 3.2GHz (Quad Core)
Total CPU Cores4 (8 w/ HyperThreading)
System RAM4096MB DDR3 (4GB)
Hard Disk 1500GB SATA2 hard disk drive (7200RPM) (RAID1)
Hard Disk 2500GB SATA2 hard disk drive (7200RPM) (RAID1)
Hard Disk 3500GB SATA2 hard disk drive (7200RPM) for nightly backups
Disk ControllerHardware RAID1
NIC1Uplinked to public internet (100MBps)
IPMI CardIntelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) for physical health monitoring
Operating System (OS)CentOS Enterprise Linux 6 in 64-bit Mode (x86_64) - GPL licensed
Green InitiativesCarbon Neutral Hosting

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Rochen does not typically offer SLAs due to the increased overhead costs, and according to Rochen their collective uptime is in the 99.9% – 100% range every month. They proactively manage the MDS 24x7x365, they monitor the status of the server on a one minute cycle, and they have engineers on-duty around the clock to respond to any incidents that may occur.

Black Hills Web Works does not normally offer SLAs either, but my response time has historically been one day or less, usually within a few hours, and often within minutes.

While most of my clients are more than satisfied with this arrangement and will never require more, there are clients who need more assurance that their website(s) will be available virtually without fail, covered by Disaster Recovery Plans, and backed by one or more SLAs. For these clients, custom hosting arrangements are available that can reduce potential downtime to mere minutes even in the case of a total data center loss.

As expected, the cost of these arrangements is significantly higher than my standard managed hosting, but for high-profile, enterprise-level clients, this is a viable solution. Use my contact form to learn more about these premium hosting arrangements.